Jesus Played Cricket!?

 It is possible that cricket, a game venerated all over the Commonwealth, is older than currently thought. In fact, Jesus may very well have played the game (or a similar bat and ball contraption) as a child himself, according to an ancient Armenian manuscript. Long before the English launched cricket some 300 years ago, similarContinue reading “Jesus Played Cricket!?”

“It’s Just Not Cricket: Spirituality of Sport and Mission”

“It’s Just Not Cricket: Spirituality of Sport and Mission” Marcus Curnow’s Forge Festival Workshop Blurb:  March 2008 In the midst of the ‘monkey business’ of a Kentucky Fried Cricket world, Urban Seed has committed itself to ‘Credo Cricket’; public expressions of sport you can believe in. ( Sport plays a huge role in shaping community,Continue reading ““It’s Just Not Cricket: Spirituality of Sport and Mission””

Our Credo

The Good Cricket “Credo” This manifesto emerged over ten years of playing cricket with the inner city community organisation Urban Seed who run an open lunch from an inner city church basement known as Credo Cafe.  From this lunch the Credo Cricket Team was formed and some of the ‘Articles’ are often mentioned in the preContinue reading “Our Credo”