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Personal Coaching

Marcus ‘Real Rev.’ Curnow is a trained cricket coach, a junior club program director and has served as a community cricket consultant with Cricket Victoria.

Marcus’ coaching influences extend from MS Donhi to Jesus, to Bradman to Bruce Lee. He aims to inspire love for the game as it connects mind, body & spirit with community & culture.

Coaching Menu

Way of the Wild

Intro. to Cricket

Cricket meets Bunjil, Yeshau & Moses in Real Rev. Curnow’s Junior Cricket Blast meets Catechesis of the Wild / Good Cricket Shepherd.

Taking cricket back to its raw roots… An fun intro to cricket and its fundamentals. The pitch connects us with nature, the wicket is your heart, watch the ball, hit to kill, bowling like a star, run throw like its lunch, catching like its a golden egg.

Way of the Willow


Bat with Bruce Lee in Real Rev. Curnow’s Jeet Liu Do : ‘Way of the Intercepting Willow.’

A mix of conditioning, skill-set and self evaluation tools for developing your own hybrid philosophy and approach to batting, including mindset, traditional techniques, touch & power hitting from a variety of disciplines.

Way of Wickets


Trundle with Sun Tzu in Real Rev. Curnow’s ‘Art of Dart’.

Line & Length, Spin, Swing & Seam

Community Cricket

To book a session or text Marcus 0421076804 or use the form below.

Gwenroy House – Footscray

Book a session at Curnow’s Backyard ‘Good Cricket’ Dojo.

Open Hours

Sunday-Tuesday: closed
Wed, Thursday: 5pm -9:00 pm Friday – Saturday : negotiable


163 Gordon Street, Footscray, Vic 3011.