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The Dragon Cricket Podcast : A Park Cricket Odyssey

The Park Cricket Odyssey begins as the Barkly Street Cricket Club search to find the true Spirit of Cricket Australian Cricket that was so scandalously sandpapered away…

Meet the Dragon Podcasters ‘The Real Rev’ and ‘Captain Grizzly’ as they introduce the Barkly Street Uniting Dragons Cricket Club and the coming Park Cricket Odyssey that is season 2018/19. In this episode, we meet Dragon legends the Lallys, 750 game veteran Jeff Law and brand new Club Captain Tharanga ‘Not that ABBA Song’ Fernando as we attempt to recover the lost soul of Australian Cricket, one game and episode at a time.

Barkly Street Cricket Club’s pre-season begins with the naming of The Dragon Warrior; a new club captain who reminds us of an ABBA song!

Dragon Cricket Pic Grass

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