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Sojo’s ‘Soujourn’ describes a temporary place of residence, often connected with a bigger journey.

Cricket has a long tradition of touring and of the ‘journey-man or woman’, the player who can adapt to ply their skills across a variety of teams, people and places

I seek to create an experience of liminality in my coaching relationships that enable, growth and change.

I call the journey ‘The Way of the Wild Wicket’ (WWW) where the focus is deeper understanding of life, love and spirit of the game. Win, lose or draw, this way enables ‘beautiful cricket moments’ to be created, celebrated and applied to the rest of life.

The WWW framework is the ‘6 Infielders’ (Mind Body Sets) and the 4 Boundary Riders (Social Value Sets) and at the centre, the one Wild Wicket of the Heart… stories of how life, love and the spirit of the game find a home and way within us.

1. Flow & Grow Sojo

One Off or Regular One on One Session

Grow: work on one particular skill or game element and/or

Flow: empowering the sub-concious via extended flow based game based scenario training.

My Basic / Ideal Session:

  1. Dojo Meditation: Enter the Field, ‘Wicket of the Heart’
  2. Cricketing Kata: Festina Lente “Slow is smooth and smooth is speed.” Skills broken down into slow, smooth, movements based on athletic and cricket fundamentals and ‘6 in the Inner Circle’ Mind-Body Sets.
  3. Grow Session: Active drill based skill development
  4. Flow Session: Activating the subconscious, less talk/more play, game scenarios etc.
  5. Closing Ritual: Good Cricket Toast, Leaving the Field.

Basic Prices:

One on One: 45 min = $26, 1 hour = $30, 90 mins = $44

Pairs+Coach: 45min = $15pp, I hour = $20pp, 90 min = $25pp.

Four + Coach: 1 hour = $12pp, 90 min = $14pp.

Six + Coach: 1 hour = 10pp, 90 min = $12pp

2. Intro Sojo

3 Session Fundamentals Analysis : ‘The Wild Shepherd’s Way’
  • Batting
  • Bowling
  • Fielding

Three sessions to refresh, give confidence and some frameworks for self mastery of the basics including a video analysis of each. Good for beginners or a preseason tune up. I call it ‘The Way of the Good/Wild Cricket Shepherd!’

Price: $125

3. Batflow Sojo: Batting

‘The Way of the Intercepting Willow’ : 5 sessions

A mix of conditioning, skill-set and self evaluation tools for developing your own hybrid philosophy and approach to batting, including mindset, traditional techniques, touch & power hitting from a variety of sporting disciplines. Players learn to self assess based on ‘Five S’ batting fundamentals tool and develop and train their own personal shot menu.

Price: $125

4.’The Art of Dart’ Sojo: Bowling

‘The Way of Wickets’ : 5 sessions

Trundle with Sun Tzu as the timeless ‘Art of War’ meets seam, pace or spin bowling fundamentals. Players Self Assess, develop and train their own bowling menu. Players learn to self assess based on an athletic and bowling fundamentals tool and develop and train their own personal shot menu.

Price: $125

5. Catch & Throw Sojo: Fielding

‘The Grassy White Snake Way’ : 5 sessions

Master 5 throwing techniques, Catching fundamentals,

Learn similarities and differences between Close in Catching, Inner Circle and Boundary Riding.

Players learn to self assess based on 5 ‘A’ fundamentals fielding. Always Abides, Athleticism, Anticipation, Adjustability, Attitude…

Price: $125

6. ‘The First XI’ Sojo:

‘The Way of the Wild Wicket’ : 11 Off Season Sessions and 11 In-Season Game Debriefs

The 4 Boundary Riders (Social/Value Sets)

  • Team Game,
  • My Game,
  • Master Game,
  • Serve Game.

The 6 Infielders (Mind- Body Sets)

  • Grounded,
  • Centered,
  • Focussed,
  • Power,
  • Flex &
  • Flow,

The One Wild Wicket of the Heart: Stories of Life, Love and the Spirit of the Game,

Price: $350


‘His tips and tricks won us a grand final…’

— 15 year old ‘Good Cricket’ catechist

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