“It’s Just Not Cricket: Spirituality of Sport and Mission”

“It’s Just Not Cricket: Spirituality of Sport and Mission”

Marcus Curnow’s Forge Festival Workshop Blurb:  March 2008

In the midst of the ‘monkey business’ of a Kentucky Fried Cricket world, Urban Seed has committed itself to ‘Credo Cricket’; public expressions of sport you can believe in. (www.myspace.com/credocricket) Sport plays a huge role in shaping community, cultural and even religious expression in the Australian psyche. This seminar will explore the contemporary theology of sport, with Christianity and practical expressions of grassroots approaches and strategies for ‘grassroots’ engagement.

Workshop: Credo Cricket- Melbourne Laneway Cricket: Forge Festival explores Melbourne’s laneways for a different kind of ‘hit.’ Join with the ‘Bin Juice Bradman’s’ and the ‘Milk Crate Merv’s’ for a game of Laneway Cricket. Hear about Urban Seed’s recent laneway cricket carnival held in conjunction with Cricket Australia as a means of bringing church, business and welfare services together.

Marcus has been involved with Urban Seed, a Christian community based ministry of hospitality and advocacy in the heart of Melbourne since 1996. Marcus has worked as a youth worker in a variety of cultural contexts and now convenes a regional expression of Urban Seed (Seeds Footscray), where he resides with Rachael and their three kids. He has degrees in Nursing and Theology. He believes that Jesus chose twelve in order to play cricket; that Bible study shouldn’t suck; that good liturgy requires risk; that Cornwall (the home of his forebears) is not England and that when in doubt, “Its the Economy of God stupid”! It has oft been said that he could use a bit more sleep.

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