Mitch Drank the Ice Bath!

So things were looking pretty dark for Punter and his not so merry men. England were 1 nil up and were once again all over the Aussie’s on Day 1 of the 3rd Ashes Test in Perth.

The Rev was distraught on twitter:!/rev3j/status/15242254704713729

Custard reflected…!/marxkernow/status/15267447145758720

Displaying his Christo-Anarchical tendencies The Rev lamented…!/rev3j/status/15269543286935552

Custard was going to tweet a reply about the transitory nature of the power of Empire and how the Hebrew Bible suggests some, though evil, may be used for divine purposes.  Struggling to get that into 140 characters he let it go…

Then overnight Mitchell Johnson drank the Ice Bath! Suddenly he was transformed! No longer a skinny, shell of a bowler in whose face people kicked sand when he played Beach Cricket… suddenly he became ‘UNPLAYABLE!’ No longer was he mild mannered Myth-chell… he had become “OUR MITCH!”

By Saturday The Rev was much relieved…!/rev3j/status/16072405109702656

Custard reflected…!/marxkernow/status/16072671171190784!/rev3j/status/16074996799504384

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