The Return of JP Cornford


After weeks of rumours and speculation, JP Cornford has announced that he will return to cricket at Marcus E Curnow’s  40 BIG BASH on September 10 & 11. After struggling with long-term injury and a little-known-about gambling addiction, Cornford has stated that he now feels ready again in body and mind to do battle at 22 yards:

“What better place to wield the willow again than amongst the cloud of witnesses who will be gathering for the legendary Marcus E Curnow’s 40 BIG BASH. This will be a clash of the titans, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world”.

Bookies have ruthlessly predicted a dismal duck for Cornford’s first innings back, but Cornford himself is more optimistic:

“I’m just looking to play my natural game, take each ball as it comes, back myself and have fun. If I can spend half an hour out there, accumulate 8 or 9 runs, some of them off the bat, and still walk the next day, I’ll be happy.”

Despite damaging rumours about his after hours conduct, Cornford has confirmed that he will stay for the evening celebrations.

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Curnow and Cornford Jan 2002. Curnow: "We're batting at 'the G', do you think you could have at least put your thigh pad on properly?" Cornford: "A least my pads are white!"



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