JP Fagg at Twenty20=40 Big Bash

Slideshow highlights of JP Fagg at Marcus Curnow’s Twenty20=40 Big Birthday Bash.

Cricket Willow, Shepherds Flat, Victoria, September 11, 2011.

Photos: Ben Liney, Rohit Khanna

The Stats:

Player: JP Fagg

Nickname:  JF

Song: Brandy by Looking Glass

Game 1: 

Batting: 12 no

Bowling: 4 overs, 4 for 8

Game 2: 

Batting: JP Fagg c. AA Narula b. ME Curnow 11

Bowling:  Fast!…Made the birthday boy ME Curnow look pretty silly with some cranked up chin music!

The Stories:

Custard to Yewbeaut:  “As captain you should really think about who we let Jono bowl too!”

Yewbeaut: “He’s coming on NOW, bowling at YOU!”

Grizzly:  “Do you want a helmet?”

Custard: “F%*# off! It’s my birthday, it’s not a charity”

JF: (post first delivery bouncer)  “Happy Birthday Marcus!”

Custard ” Errr… can somebody grab me a thigh pad!”

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