Credo Cricket meets Cricket for Change in London

 Cricket for Change's 'Street 20 World XI' at the Honorable Artillery Ground, London


Cricket for Change’s ‘Street 20 World XI’ at the Honorable Artillery Ground, London


Credo Cricket’s Phil Yew talked with Urban Seed Director, Marcus Curnow about his recent cricket adventures: 

So Marcus the last we heard you were playing cricket with ‘gangsters’ and Hollywood Execs in LA. What were the cricketing highlights from your UK travels?

Well the lowlight, without doubt, was having the Aussies lose the Ashes at the same moment I was arriving at Heathrow.  Not great timing lads!  The highlight was getting to play at the Honorable Artillery Ground.


It’s an amazing paddock near Finsbury Circus, smack bang in the middle of London and so surrounded by buildings that I couldn’t even get a mobile phone signal.  It’s perhaps the oldest known venue for cricket, which apparently ceased for a time there in 1780 after a bout of match fixing…. Perhaps they sent the culprits over to Australia with the First Fleet because the MCC and the Lords ground took over from about then. 

So how did someone of your cricketing ability get to play at such a distinguished venue?

Now, go easy…I was a guest of Cricket for Change, (C4C) and that was my real reason for being there and the real highlight.  They are a fantastic, charity that has been running community cricket programs in the UK since they began as a response to the Brixton riots in 1981.  They are a great mix of cricketing characters who have basically made it their mission to be at the forefront of each innovation in community cricket.  They’ve run coaching apprenticeships, leagues, and participation programs with at risk youth, in schools and prisons and with multi-ethnic groups from disadvantaged neighbourhoods.  They have in many ways pioneered much of women’s and disability cricket at grassroots and higher levels in the UK and now increasingly overseas.

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