Bat Making with Lachlan Fisher


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Photos by Ben Liney (all rights reserved) For my last birthday, family and friends chipped in for an experience of learning how to make my own cricket bat with Lachlan Fisher at his Williamstown Road workshop in Footscray. Not only … Continue reading

Cricket Passion – The Big Picture –

Just the most stunning bunch of photo’s around this years World Cup.  Forget the superstars here are some ordinary people living the good cricket all round dream.  I particularly love the emphasis on the religious…  beautiful!

Cricket passion – The Big Picture –

Compton Cricket Club Trip to Harrow 2011 Images

Click here for Slideshow of photos by Kimberley Low from of the Compton Cricket Club travelling to the town of Harrow in Western Victoria to the spiritual heartland of Australian Cricket to play the Johnny Mullagh XI descendants of Australia’s First Touring sports team.