Compton Cricket Club Australian Tour 2011 Media

Hugh Snelgrove getting that pic in Hosier Lane, Melbourne

Awesome effort on media by Compton Cricket Club support staff Katy Haber in the US and Hugh Snelgrove and photographer Kimberley Low in Oz.  I’ve run a lot of community cricket events in my time and with all the efforts that go into getting 22 people on a field across geography and social divides… the story doesn’t  always get out! Thanks for all your good work!


The Sun UK


Media Bistro

NBC Sports


Sports Grid

7.30 Show ABC

ABC on line February 2nd

Latin Fox News February lst.

ABC Rural Victoria News

Metro UK

MSNBC : Compton Cricket Club arrive in Sydney


Getty Images


Tom LaBonge LA : A send-off for the Compton Cricket team on their way “Down Under”

90’s Guy : Compton Cricket Club: From gats to bats

Susanne Gervay: Homies and The Popz Compton Cricket Club & Father Chris Riley off the Streets in Sydney


Punch Magazine: Bravado and ‘me, me, me’ are destroying modern sport (Including a pic of a street cricket match with Ted Hayes wearing oven mits!)

Wimmera Times: American Cricket Team to Take on Harrow

Wimmera Times: Cultures Combine

ABC News: Compton Cricketers Score Down Under

Marie Claire Magazine  Article:  Guns for Runs

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