Reconciliation Week Cricket Clinic in Bairnsdale

I was honoured to represent Cricket Victoria and be part of the Reconciliation Week Cricket Clinic at Bairnsdale West Primary School.  I was joined by Victorian Imparja Cup Coach Stuart Clark and Team Captain Alex Kerr.  Paul West does an inspiring job on behalf of both the school and Lucknow Cricket Club…  Now that’s good cricket all round!


Compton Cricket Club Slideshow…

Slide show with a Ted Hayes voice over.  I like the hats!  Presented to the Compton Cricket Club by Urban Seed’s Chris Lacey for the Street Cricket leg of their Australian Tour earlier in the year! (pic below)

The Long Walk ‘Koorieoberre’ 2011

Took some pics of the Watjobaluk Dance Group from the Wimmera at Federation Square for The Long Walk build up to the “Dreamtime at the ‘G” AFL Game between Richmond and Essendon Football Club last Saturday Night.

A highlight of The Long Walk 2011 was the introduction of the Koorioboree, a gathering of Indigenous dance groups from across Victoria. For the first time the Koorioboree brought together five groups to meet, dance and encourage the growing critical mass of Victorian Indigenous dance.

My pictures feature Aaron Grambeau who does cultural education at Brambuk Cultural Centre at Halls Gap in Western Victoria. When we last met Aaron he was busy teaching Compton Cricket Club players about the indigenous history of the Gariwerd (Grampians) area and teaching the Los Angeles based crew how to throw a boomerang.

Talk about ‘From Bullets to Balls’ Boomerangs! I’ve faced a lot of short pitched fast bowling in my time but I have never been so scared at a cricket event as having the Compton CC Boys throw boomerangs!!!  The kangaroos grazing nearby were untroubled!

Aaron is a great communicator who really made the connections for the LA based cricketers about what their recent tour to Western Victoria to play the Johnny Mullagh XI meant in light of local history, present and future.

Whilst the Compton boys are famous for getting a crowd moving with some LA, street based, gangsta style, hip hop…it was awesome to see Aaron and the five groups from across Victoria rocking the City of Melbourne with some rhythms that were home grown and truly ancient.  Deadly!!!

More official Long Walk and Dreamtime at the ‘G photos by James Henry here

CV Cricket Clinic @ Ngootyoong Marr Aboriginal Health Expo, Warnambool

What is your dream for you and your community?…

This was the question asked as part of the Dream Box Project set up by ABC Open at the South West Victorian Ngootyoong Marr Aboriginal Health Expo, held on March 29, 2011. The expo was organised by South West Healthcare’s Warrnambool Community Health Aboriginal Health Promotion and Chronic Care Program and a group of Aboriginal health agencies including the Dhauwurd Wurrung Elderly Community Health Service (DWECH), the Gunditijmara Aboriginal Co-operative, Kirrae Aboriginal Health Service and the Winda-Mara Aboriginal Corporation. The aim of the event was to incorporate local, statewide and national health information using keynote speakers and activities.

It was fantastic to contribute a Cricket Clinic with Cricket Victoria’s South West Regional Cricket Manager, Stephen Field for school kids as part of the Expo, especially with AFL stars like Chris Johnson and Michael O’Loughlin and performers like Archie Roach on the bill!

It was also my first experience of eating ‘Eels on Wheels!’ which reminded me of my trip to Budj Bim  last year and the connections with the Johnny Mullagh XI.   Tasted great!


Cricket Victoria's South West Regional Cricket Manager, Stephen Field... 'Field-ing in the deep' with his 'keeping it real' dream!

Labour Day 2011 at Johnny Mullagh Oval, Harrow

(Rear-Front, L-R) Brandon Green, Micko Bell, Peter Lovett, Robbie Marks, Marcus Curnow, Wayne Bell, Leigh Marks, Sandy Hodge, Lenny Coops, Scotty Marks, Jacob Cooke-Harrison... Johnny Day took off early!

Pics from this years Labour Day, Johnny Mullagh XI vs. Glenelg XI at Harrow, Victoria.  The game has been played more or less annually since it was initiated at the Bicentennial in 1988 in tribute of Australia’s First National Touring Sporting Team the 1868 Aboriginal Cricket Team from the South West Wimmera region…  Lot of great smiles here, great hospitality and great yarns had around the camp fire at the end of a long day’s cricket!

Gideon Haigh on IPL & T20

“You might not like it, but it is the way of business. And if business has imposed its values on IPL, that’s only because it was invited, even entreated, to do so, in order that the maximum sums be extracted from the sale of franchises. Face it: the money changers aren’t in the temple, they were sold the keys to the temple; and since then they have changed the locks.”

– Gideon Haigh

from Sphere of Influence: Writings on Cricket and its Discontents

Keep The World In The 2015 ‘World’ Cup!

The English Aussie establishment hung Ned Kelly but at least Cricket Victoria had the sense of cultural significance to name their team the ‘Bushrangers’ in recognition!  “Such is Life!” Now the Irish are getting hung out to dry again!  Rail against the International Cricket Council bureaucrats! Sign the petition to see the Fighting Irish get a fighting chance!