From Bullets to Balls…Compton CC are Comin!

Compton Cricket Club on BBC last night. Preparing for their Australian tour starting end of January
Love the BBC quote

…And if you thought the band The Duckworth Lewis Method had cornered the cricket song market, think again. Listen to what we think might be the world’s first cricket rap. Like we said, straight out of Compton – Dennis Compton.

You can also listen at–it’a the final 30 minutes (scroll to 3.36.40 minutes to hear the CCC section)

Compton Crickeeerrrt Club rapping Bondi!

Video of Theo & Issac Hayes rapping about cricket for the Life Guards at Bondi during their recent Australian visit.

Also featured in this months Sport and Style (November 2010) in The Age… looking like they could kick Michael Clarke’s butt  (he’s the cool looking shmuck on the front cover supposedly giving the ‘style’ cred. to the publication!)

An older video of the Compton Homies and Popz CC in LA. below


Mohammed Amir: The Folk Ballad!


Credo Cricket… it stands for  ‘cricket you can believe in’… ‘very believable cricket’… for weeks we have not known exactly what to blog in response to the ‘spot fixing’ scandal that has felt like such a kick in the guts for any concept of good cricket all round.

In the face of human tragedy and disillusionment folk ballads have always said it best!

We truly love a sport than can inspire such earnest dagginess and make us shed a tear in our beer!