Floods & Cricket…

Thoughts and prayers go out to many across Australia’s Eastern States and particularly those with whom we are connected in North and Western Victoria who have been affected by the recent floods.

The reports are coming in to Cricket Victoria of many clubs that have lost facilites, kits etc.  Obviously playing cricket is not the first thing on people’s mind in the midst of a crisis but soon after, the cultural role that it plays it bringing people together, offering a sense of positive hope can be powerful.   This is ‘re-creation’ in its best, healing and resotrative sense!  This was evident in the response to the Black Saturday bush fires and the Asian Tsunami.  Stay tuned as I know that people in cricket circles are banding together and various initiatives will soon be launched.

I think these photos from Harrow Discovery / Johnny Mullagh Cricket Centre taken by Bec Potter of the Johnny Mullagh Cricket Ground at Harrow in Western Victoria are amazing!

Ironically the Compton Cricket Club are scheduled to play against the Johnny Mullagh XI on this ground on February 7th as part of their Australian Tour.   Having initially in contact with Premier Anna Bligh’s office in Queensland about donating proceeds from some of their Tour Events to Australian flood relief efforts the Harrow pictures served as a stark reminder for the ex-gang team from South Central L.A. about the different environment they are coming to play cricket in.

Custard hitting one into the deep… April 2010

The deep… January 2011!

From Bullets to Balls…Compton CC are Comin!

Compton Cricket Club on BBC last night. Preparing for their Australian tour starting end of January www.cricketouttacompton.com.au.
Love the BBC quote

…And if you thought the band The Duckworth Lewis Method had cornered the cricket song market, think again. Listen to what we think might be the world’s first cricket rap. Like we said, straight out of Compton – Dennis Compton.

You can also listen at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00xbl2r–it’a the final 30 minutes (scroll to 3.36.40 minutes to hear the CCC section)

Compton Cricket in Oz & on TODAY Show!

Mar-'custard' Curnow and Ted Hayes willing the Compton Homies and Popz CC Down Under from Los Angeles last year.

Check the video of Laneway Cricket getting a plug on the TODAY Show thanks to the Compton Cricket Club.  A forwarding party are presently in Australia thanks to Hugh Snelgrove with view to a full tour in 2011.

Credo Cricketer, Marcus Curnow played with the team in LA in 2009 and Compton regular, John ‘The Rev’ Jensen gave a fantastic speech at our Laneway Cricket Finale earlier in the year whilst visiting Melbourne.

Credo Cricket meets Compton Cricket Club


Custard and The Rev celebrate post game with Ted Hayes and the Compton Cricket Boys

Custard and The Rev celebrate post game with Ted Hayes and the Compton Cricket Boys

A great moment for international ‘cricket you can believe in’  was held at the Village Green, Woodley, Los Angeles over the weekend where Credo Cricketer’s, The Rev and the traveling Custard, joined the Compton ‘Homies and Popz’ Cricket Team in a match against Beverly Hills/Hollywood Cricket Club.

Compton is a neighborhood in South Central LA with a reputation for gangs, violence and disadvantage.   The Cricket Team was started when the teams patriarch and icon, Ted Hayes, an African American, Republican voting, Jewish, homelessness activist was introduced to cricket by British film producer Katy Haber.  Ted resonated with the ‘Spirit of Cricket ‘which he saw as being significantly different to the showy, ‘Me first’ culture of American sport and its mean streets.

With the Hollywood connection it was the Beverly Hills team, made up of ex-pat Englishmen that first taught Ted and the boys how to play.  Today however, it was time for the apprentices to become the masters.  Compton bowled and fielded well, amongst the trees and undulations of the  aptly named ‘Village Green’ to restrict Beverly Hills to 9/134 off 25 overs with America’s version of the Warne/Magill leg spin combination, Ted Hayes (3 for) and The Rev (2 for) proving a handfull.

In response, Compton born and bred, Ricardo starred with the bat with a 50 made up of orthodox forward defense and blistering baseball style swats which peppered the legside boundary.  The Rev made 18 and Custard brought the team home with 28 not out.  4/135 with 5 overs to spare.

At the conclusion of the game Marcus Curnow, spoke about the story of Urban Seed’s Credo Cricket with disadvantaged people in Melbourne and the recent Laneway Cricket matches held in response to street violence against Indian students.  He handed out Australian team training shirts, and, whilst being heckled by the defeated Beverly Hills Englishmen, recommended the ‘Homies’ wear the shirts for the remainder of the day as the Ashes would be lost by morning!  Luckily Ted Hayes received a Victorian Bushrangers 20/20 shirt for whom the Compton ‘Homies and Popz’ will be ‘rootin’in the upcoming Champions league in recognition of Cricket Victoria’s ongoing support for ‘very believable cricket’.

ted and marx downunda

Compton Cricket Club are keen to get ‘Down Under’!

ted crouchin

Ted opened the bowling with a stars and stripes headband and scarf hanging out the back of his trousers, gangsta style.  He starts his ‘run up’  crouched in a baseball pitchers stance and shouts out ‘What time is it”?  

“Wicket Time!” the fielders respond, to which he cries, “Make it Happen!” and proceeds to deliver fast Anil Kumble like leggies off 3 steps.  

He claps the batsmen in, and out and even when they hit boundaries off his bowling!


Ted and Brian wearing their Bushrangers and Credo Cricket shirts

Ted and Brian wearing their Bushrangers and Credo Cricket shirts

ted and marx

very believable cricket!