Renegade Ryan meets Dragon Juniors

Ryan Carters from the new Melbourne Renegades met with participants of Barkly Street Uniting CC’s Dragon Junior Cricket Program at Robert Barrett Reserve near Highpoint Shopping Centre last evening. Ryan was asked numerous questions at an end of training autograph session with discussion ranging from how to warm up before a game; how to faceContinue reading “Renegade Ryan meets Dragon Juniors”

Test Cricket & Time

Test cricket is not a three-hour Bollywood epic, or an ’80s-style four-hour Springsteen concert, or even a day at the beach. Test cricket junkies are more than just quantifiable “consumers” of cricket; they are emotional participants in an unscripted drama that becomes days of their lives. – Sharda Ugra “The Sport That Makes Clocks Melt”

Barkly Street 4th XI vs. Sunshine Heights 2008-9

Good Cricket Allround Moments: I found this on the Sunshine Heights CC Annual Report 2008-9 and smiled about my memories of one of those ‘first vs. last’ encounters that good cricket is all about!  -Marcus 🙂 Round 4 saw us on the road again and getting a bit of a habit to Robert Barrett playingContinue reading “Barkly Street 4th XI vs. Sunshine Heights 2008-9”

Bat Making with Lachlan Fisher

Photos by Ben Liney (all rights reserved) For my last birthday, family and friends chipped in for an experience of learning how to make my own cricket bat with Lachlan Fisher at his Williamstown Road workshop in Footscray. Not only is Lachlan a master bat maker but he stands in a unique tradition as aContinue reading “Bat Making with Lachlan Fisher”

Date queries ‘Fire in Babylon’

The title, Fire in Babylon, promised much. But do you really think that Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards (KNH, OBE) and Cuthbert Gordon Greenidge (MBE) were in any way pioneering post-colonial heroes? …batsmen before them had been the best in the world in their time. But those players played before the Age of Television, beforeContinue reading “Date queries ‘Fire in Babylon’”